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Intelligent, Powerful, Simple: Dell EMC ObjectScale on VMware vSphere with Tanzu™

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A unique partnership between VMware and Dell Technologies enables customers to deploy the enterprise-class object storage platform, Dell EMC ObjectScale, directly from their VMware vSphere™ with VMware Tanzu™ environment. 
Dell EMC’s ObjectScale delivers S3 compatible, globally scalable, enterprise-grade object storage. Integration with VMware vSphere with Tanzu provides customers with the freedom to provision and scale high performance object storage via Kubernetes APIs while ensuring simplicity, manageability, and reliability for all their IT operations.
How it works
While ObjectScale will allow your customers to fully embrace microservices and agile CI/CD processes, it will also enable object storage to be deployed anywhere VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu is running, including a core data center, edge location, or the cloud. This gives customers the power to put data close to the applications they support which, in turn, reduces latency and improves the overall user experience. Additionally, object storage from disparate platforms will be able to cross-replicate for greater access, reliability, and redundancy.
Taking a closer, more technical look, ObjectScale can be deployed alongside traditional applications on a regular vSAN cluster with vSAN-SNA (vSAN Support for Shared Nothing Architecture) policy. It can also deploy on a dedicated vSAN cluster with VMware vSAN Direct Configuration™, a technology that enables direct access to the underlying direct-attached hardware, which can be optimized for the application needs. 
Both options benefit from optimal storage efficiency for stateful services by leveraging service-level replication, as well as unified management of services in VMware vCenter™.
Key Highlights of this Unique Solution
Enterprise-grade object storage
ObjectScale is built with a scale-out architecture, meaning clusters expand from a few terabytes to petabytes and beyond without limits on the number of object stores, buckets, or objects stored. Clusters can start as small as three nodes and scale out linearly.
Simplified operations
ObjectScale’s integration with the vSAN Data Persistence platform enables you to support your customer’s modern application initiatives and workflows using the same VMware tools you’re already familiar with. By running ObjectScale in your VMware data center, you can control for shadow IT while freeing developers to support CI/CD processes and agile methodologies in a self-service manner via Kubernetes APIs. 
Powers modern apps
S3 compatibility provides developers with a familiar set of APIs from which they can modernize existing workloads and design future enterprise applications. ObjectScale delivers on the latest S3 capabilities with ObjectScale Lock, IAM, Select, Event Notifications and ObjectScale Replication, thereby enabling workloads previously built for the cloud to run seamlessly in a customer’s data center.
Additional Highlights Worth Noting:
Built-in data protection and security features
Intelligent workload sizer optimizes the environment
Custom tagging and search features
vSAN Shared Nothing Architecture and vSAN Direct options
ProDeploy, ProSupport and Data Migration services available from Dell Technologies
Learn more about ObjectScale solutions or get connected with a Dell EMC expert today.
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