Dell PowerVault ME5 is the new gold standard for entry storage. It brings the essential features and data services of mid-to-high end storage to small-medium businesses (SMBs) in an affordable way. PowerVault ME5 easily demonstrates substantial performance, capacity, and bandwidth gains over its predecessor system without compromising simplicity, features, or business outcomes. Purposely designed to meet several SMB data storage challenges, PowerVault ME5 reduces complexity, accelerates performance, supports higher capacity, ensures data protection, and achieves budget stability all while driving a diverse SMB workload and application environment.  

For those customers looking for raw power, highly scalable capacity, and absolute simplicity in a small footprint, then PowerVault ME5 starting in either 2U or 5U – is for them. Designed with dual active controllers, multi-core processing and five-9’s availability, PowerVault ME5 arrays deliver the performance of flash with the best economics of disk - thus making it an ideal solution for SMB high-value workloads.

Customer IT organizations purchase storage systems to coincide with desired application and business outcomes. These systems must meet the demanding challenges of data growth, data protection and budget constraints. Over 50,000 globally installed PowerVault Storage systems reliably support several SMB workload types while integrated with today’s most widely used hypervisors, operating systems, and management platforms. PowerVault ME5 is the ideal and most affordable SMB storage solution for supporting workload types such as High-Performance Computing, SQL Databases, Virtualization/VDI and backup/archiving – and that’s just for starters. PowerVault ME5’s density, performance and scale also make it a material solution for select Edge-based scenarios such as Cloud Gaming, Oil and Gas Exploration and Safety and Security (CCTV).

PowerVault ME5 is supported through a wide range of management interfaces starting with PowerVault Manager, which is the element manager for each PowerVault storage array. This simple to use and intuitive web-based management GUI provides configuration, management, alerting and basic remediation capabilities for the IT generalist. PowerVault Manager is included with the array as part of the no cost all-inclusive software addition. 

As complexity of your customers’ IT infrastructures loom larger with more systems to track and manage, PowerVault ME5 is supported by the Dell OpenManage systems management portfolio with intuitive tools that work together to deliver automated and centralized management of your Dell infrastructure. In those customer IT environments where monitoring of mission-critical infrastructure components including applications, operating systems, network protocols, storage, servers, and networks is a necessity, then PowerVault ME5 can fit right into a Nagios infrastructure management platform.  

Customers with ProSupport Services for PowerVault ME5 can access CloudIQ at no additional cost - and with nothing additional to install. CloudIQ is Dell’s cloud based AIOPs that uses telemetry, machine learning and other algorithms to provide users with notifications and predictive analytics indicating the operational health of the array, remediation advice, anomalies, capacity projections, reclaimable storage, and more to assist IT with strategic planning efforts. When CloudIQ is enabled through PowerVault Manager, customer IT organizations see improved productivity of staff and collaborate better with a single view of their IT environment.

Learn more about how PowerVault ME5 can help you grow your storage practice by discovering the top reasons why PowerVault ME5 is perfect for SMB workloads.

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