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Newest PowerScale release should springboard partner storage revenue opportunities

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Unstructured data is growing at a breakneck pace. To complicate matters in this regard, some market research suggests that 80% of this data growth is projected to be unstructured data. This explosive growth in file size, data volume and workflows is already demanding that enterprises invest in scalable infrastructure solutions.
Today’s most demanding unstructured workloads from IoT, AI, ML, DL and GPU, are just too massive for most storage systems to handle. All too often there is inconsistent performance due to lack of flexibility, unpredictable costs and low availability at key times from the public cloud.
To address this growing need in June 2020, Dell EMC launched a new storage family called PowerScale. PowerScale was purposefully designed to help your customers solve their most critical data challenges. At this same time this marked an important transformation of Isilon’s OneFS, as for the first time it was able to extend from the core datacenter to edge and cloud locations. PowerScale’s OneFS software, which has been seen as the gold standard in managing unstructured data storage, was decoupled from its dependency on hardware, thus allowing customers the flexibility and choice to deploy in the cloud.
Simply put, today PowerScale brings structure to unstructured data from edge, to core, to cloud, and can scale in terms of capacity and performance. It handles diverse and unpredictable workloads running in diverse locations. And it makes it easy to find and analyze data. 
A lot of great things about the PowerScale storage family just got even better
In order to address the increase in adoption of all-flash by numerous customers, Dell Technologies has updated the PowerScale OneFS operating system. The new release, PowerScale OneFS 9.2, which still powers up PowerScale F200 and F600 nodes, will now also provide the firepower for the newly introduced PowerScale all-NVMe F900 node. This newest addition to the family is the fastest-ever flagship model in the line-up.
The F900 features multi-processors, all-NVMe flash and NVIDIA GPUDirect compatibility to handle your customers’ most data intensive workloads. With this release you get more power and scale through blazing fast all-NVMe, support for GPU accelerated applications and the ability to easily scale up to 93 PB. Simply put, the F900 is designed to be the workhorse of modern, high performance data lakes.
PowerScale delivers the goods for customer enterprises
End user customers realize immediate business benefits when adopting PowerScale.
Simplicity at any Scale: With a scale-out architecture, customers provision capacity and performance as needed, with no overprovisioning storage or fork-lift upgrades. They manage their data, not their storage. Eliminate islands of storage with support of a data lake that can scale to PBs of capacity.
Any Data, Anywhere: Enterprise class unstructured data services with simultaneous multi-protocol support – with introduction of S3 access to our data platform you can handle even more with a mix of File, Object and Hadoop data access. Run at new locations including the edge and, in the cloud, or in multi-cloud environments.
Intelligent Insights: Customers get insights about their infrastructure and their data with CloudIQ and DataIQ. CloudIQ makes it easy to determine the health of systems across their data center. DataIQ makes it easy for anyone to find and understand data within file and object stores. Native HDFS support with leading analytics vendors.
PowerScale’s latest release is a boon to your business
The latest release of PowerScale builds on the legacy of Isilon’s success and many industry accolades won by UDS products over 2020. These include Garter’s Magic Quadrant leader for five years in a row, IDC’s #1 storage vendor by revenue, and an Emmy Award for HSM systems.
The all-NVMe F900 release puts you in a great position to compete when you compare any of the performance claims made by other file vendors. This puts you in a clear position to win. 
Learn more about how the new PowerScale all-NVMe F900 can expand your storage practice by visiting here 
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