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Driving Digital Transformation for Customers Using Strategic Storage Solutions

Now you can get closer to your customers with CloudIQ

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Build customer satisfaction and stronger customer alliances with intelligent insights from CloudIQ
CloudIQ is the AIOps application with a cloud-based portal for proactively monitoring and predictively analyzing Dell EMC infrastructure systems. Recently enhanced to support Dell EMC PowerEdge and PowerSwitch products, CloudIQ now monitors the full Dell EMC infrastructure stack: servers, storage, data protection, storage- and local-area networking, converged and hyperconverged systems, plus VMware virtualization.
With CloudIQ, customers can assure that critical business workloads get the capacity and performance they need and spend less time monitoring and troubleshooting infrastructure.  In a recent survey, users said that CloudIQ speeds time-to-resolution of issues by 2X to 10X (1).  Typifying the CloudIQ survey results, Darrel Schueneman, Manager of Cloud Operations at Plex Systems, explains: “With 16 hours saved per week, CloudIQ helps improve productivity, and that frees us to spend more time on performance tuning and on R&D for new products.” 
Each Dell EMC infrastructure system (e.g., PowerStore, PowerEdge, PowerProtect, etc.) sends telemetry to CloudIQ over the same secure network they use to send data Dell Technologies customer support systems. Then CloudIQ adds the value of multi-system, multi-site monitoring and analytics based on machine learning and other algorithms for predictions, anomaly detection and impact analysis, so they can be quickly addressed. 
It helps customers to:
● Reduce risk by expediting troubleshooting and time-to-resolution with advanced system health and performance analytics
● Plan ahead by anticipating business needs and avoiding data outages with advanced capacity analytics
● Improve productivity through features designed to improve personal workflow, communications, and collaboration
CloudIQ is a competitively differentiated application that streamlines customers’ IT
administrative tasks by proactively providing insights and recommendations about issues across their core and secondary data centers, edge locations, co-locations, as well as public cloud data backup environments.
Partners can put CloudIQ to work to grow their business
Customers can grant Trusted Advisor access to their CloudIQ dashboards and health notifications. This enables Partners to achieve greater trusted status by proactively monitoring customer environments for performance problems and future capacity issues – or just being able to navigate CloudIQ whenever a customer needs advice. 
Partners can offer value-added services this way by addressing problems more proactively, faster, and more effectively. Services can also include integrating CloudIQ information into other IT management tools that their customers are using, such as ServiceNow, and scripting automated workflows to fix infrastructure problems that CloudIQ notifications can leverage.  CloudIQ has documented REST API and Webhook support to enable integrations.
With Trusted Advisor access, Partners can also track and project when customers need to expand and refresh their infrastructure. This helps make proposals for add-on sales fact-based, more relevant, convincing, and successful.
Best yet, CloudIQ is a value-add application that comes at no extra cost to Dell Technologies ProSupport. And it also comes with the promise of continued development, including more analytics and automation.
Learn more about the power to improve customer experience, build stronger customer alliances, and grow your business with CloudIQ’s intelligent insights, by visiting here
(1) Based on CloudIQ user survey, conducted in August 2021 by Dell Technologies. Results may vary.
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