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Driving Digital Transformation for Customers Using Strategic Storage Solutions

Own the Midrange for Yourself and Your Customers

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Did you know that midrange storage is considered the largest and fastest growing sector in today’s storage market? What’s more, according to the IDC ESS Tracker for fiscal year 2019, it’s understood to now be worth $15.5B. 

Midrange storage has become increasingly attractive because these solutions are essentially build-as-you-go storage systems, specially designed for performance, optimized for efficiency, and built to meet the many needs of today’s multi-cloud world. 
How can midrange storage benefit your customers?
Help your customers realize the many benefits of a midrange storage solution built specially for their requirements and workloads. Midrange storage is ideal for customers:
Looking for a true hybrid experience, one that delivers consistent operations, infrastructure, and management across the data center, edge, and public cloud.
Wanting to reduce cost and management and seeking greater efficiency through a consolidated data footprint.
Looking to free up resources and reduce staffing via for automation functionality.
Seeking increased application mobility.
Wanting to enable continuous infrastructure modernization.
Looking to provide investment protection through flexible payment solutions and data-in-place upgrades.
How do you stand to benefit?
There are, of course, a range of financial incentives when you sell Dell Technologies’ Midrange Storage solutions, including:
New Business Incentive
Partner Preferred
Competitive Swap
<$100K storage incentives
NBI rebates
Tech Refresh
Midrange promos
Why partner with Dell Technologies for midrange storage solutions
Dell Technologies’ midrange storage solutions are competitive, technologically speaking, with rival solutions. But they also offer exciting, new features that make them stand out; this includes both free upgrades as well as the ability to run applications on the storage hardware itself.
Dell’s PowerStore product is worth highlighting here. Built from scratch, PowerStore is seven times faster and offers three times less latency than previous Dell EMC midrange storage solutions (this is largely due to it being designed with a faster non-volatile memory express protocol). PowerStore is easier to manage and deploy, making it altogether a more efficient midrange storage solution.
PowerStore is, of course, just one product in Dell Technologies’ greater storage portfolio – it sits nicely between PowerVault, which was designed for entry-level storage, and PowerMax, which is for high-end storage. 
Learn more about the mid-range data storage solutions from Dell Technologies here
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