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Cyber and ransomware attacks are the enemy of today’s data-driven business. This is the very same data that cyber-attacks and ransomware target. Cyber-attacks threaten every industry, and the impact of being unable to recover critical data and resume business operations after an attack can be devastating. Cyber threats are already causing trillions of dollars’ worth of damage, and Accenture forecasts over $5T of global value at risk over the next five years.
Many organizations are moving away from a focus on cybersecurity and toward a more comprehensive approach known as cyber resilience. Rather than hope that they can defeat cyber threats 100 percent of the time, they are instead assuming that a cyber-attack will eventually succeed, and the organization will need to recover from the attack and then resume operations as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. For enterprises to do this they need the ability to recover business-critical data and systems after a cyber incident, with unaffected or “clean” copies of applications and data sets intact.
PowerProtect Cyber Recovery has been designed to recognize and anticipate sophisticated threats
PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats. Machine Learning (ML) identifies suspicious activity and allows organizations to recover known good data and resume normal business operations with confidence. The benefits of PowerProtect Cyber Recovery are significant as they:
Reduce the business risk of lost data from cyber-attacks
Modernize data protection with intelligent and automated cyber recovery
Efficiently recover “known good” data and resume business operations
With innovative automation and intelligent tools, data can be easily isolated from the attack surface and protected in a dedicated secure vault. 
How PowerProtect Cyber Recovery delivers is the unique differentiator
Isolation – Separating critical data with an operational air gap provides critical data, production, and backup environments with physical and logical isolation from attack surfaces
Immutability – Multiple layers of security and controls protect data against destruction, deletion, or alteration
Intelligence – Leveraging machine learning (ML) and analytics to identify recoverable data and offering insights into attack vectors from within the Cyber Recovery Vault
While the three of these components work independently, they will also work collectively, when necessary, within an integrated solution to provide the maximum levels of security and protection for vaulted data. This intelligent cooperation gives customers the best possible chance to recover vaulted data with integrity and confidence should an attack penetrate the data center. 
Furthermore, PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects data and provides recovery across on-premises and multiple cloud environments including Dell Technologies Cloud, as well as many other leading service providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.  
Why Dell Technologies for cyber recovery?
Dell Technologies has always been a driving force behind cyber resilience and technologies that support cyber recovery. Since 2015 they have productized and mastered their offerings and deployed these offerings in hundreds of customer enterprises across all geographies and industries.
Learn more about what PowerProtect Cyber Recovery can do for your customers’ data, and your business, by visiting here
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