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Set your customers up with a “continuously modern” storage platform

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We’re currently in the midst of unprecedented change across the business and technology landscape. There are several factors driving this, all of which have varying levels of influence, ranging from economic to geopolitical to workforce. When coupled with breakthrough advances in the way humans interact with technology, it’s easy to see that we have all but produced a state of rapid flux that’s presenting both great challenges and tremendous opportunities for modern enterprises.

This is particularly evident with storage, where IT managers are dealing with an explosion in both the amount and distribution of data. Today’s applications are powered by data that is now captured and stored everywhere, residing in diverse formats both inside and outside the core data center. 

Indeed, change is the new constant, and enterprises that can navigate change quickly and cost-effectively are the ones positioned to thrive in the modern data era. This poses the question to today’s solution provider: How do you help customers stay agile – particularly with something as fundamental as infrastructure? 

Enter the PowerStore Experience

PowerStore, by Dell Technologies, is a unique experience to your customers in that it can provide a “continuously modern” storage solution along with an “anytime upgrade” advantage that delivers constant innovation and improvement they need without hassle and disruption. 

PowerStore helps your customers keep moving forward with intelligent analysis and connected insights across multiple infrastructure platforms, including servers, storage, networking, and cloud.  

CloudIQ, PowerStore’s included AIOps application, combines proactive monitoring and predictive analytics to help resolve issues faster, reduce risk, improve staff productivity, and accurately forecast future needs. 

What does “Continuously Modern” mean?

PowerStore is self-optimizing, highly automated, and highly integrated, so what starts simple, stays simple, even as a business becomes more complex. Every aspect of this platform has been engineered with solution longevity in mind. Right out of the box, customers get an adaptable architecture, with cutting-edge technology like end-to-end NVMe, SCM, AppsON, etc. They can scale up and out as needed to meet changing needs. Plus, customers get unprecedented data mobility and deployment flexibility so they can expand wherever their business strategy takes them.

PowerStore includes the ability to modernize in place, assimilating the latest technology and innovation as it becomes available. An all-inclusive software subscription provides valuable enhancements on an ongoing basis plus non-disruptive Data-in-Place hardware upgrades so customers are always running workloads on the most powerful processors and memory.

What is “Anytime Upgrade”?

PowerStore’s Anytime Upgrade is the industry’s most flexible controller upgrade program, both in the number of ways you can redeem your upgrade benefit and the flexible “no-lock-in” terms. 

Key advantages include:

Flexible upgrade options: More than just a one-size-fits all next-gen controller swap, customers can respond to more types of requirement changes.

Upgrades can be done anytime in contract: This is a major advantage over customers, many of whom require the customer wait three years or more.  

No renewal is required when an upgrade is performed: Customers have the option to decide whether to continue with the program by re-enrolling.  

Key advantages of PowerStore

Features like intelligent data reduction, intelligent clustering, and PowerStore’s Dynamic Resiliency Engine (DRE) ensure your customers will enjoy the highest levels of efficiency, performance, and availability, even as they make rapid changes. Dell handles the hard stuff, so customers can focus on what they’re trying to accomplish with those changes, rather than constantly tweaking infrastructure.  

In summary…

PowerStore is the “continuously modern storage platform.”

PowerStore is self-optimizing, highly automated and highly integrated.

PowerStore handles the hard stuff, so customers can focus on developing new services.

PowerStore architecture includes the ability to modernize, assimilating the latest technology and innovation as it becomes available.  


PowerStore is equipped to handle all the IT trends mentioned at the start of this post. So, whether your customers are looking to expand in the core, at the edge, or in the cloud, you can provide them with all the resources they need via PowerStore to innovate quickly and efficiently.

Learn more about PowerStore.

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