Dell Technologies has introduced the new PowerScale F910, a next-generation all-flash storage solution optimized for AI and Generative AI. This latest platform advancement and OneFS optimization empowers your customers to grow large-scale AI models while ensuring multicloud flexibility, federal-grade security, and storage efficiency.
PowerScale, the storage component of Dell’s full-stack integrated and validated design portfolio, offers up to 300 petabytes of effective storage capacity in a 2U node. Each node of the F910 can be configured with up to 24 drives, offering your customers 20% greater density per node than the PowerScale F710 while still delivering exceptional AI-ready performance. That makes this storage platform ideal for high-capacity enterprise deployments.
That’s great news for your customers shifting to an AI-first operating model and mindset. They need more economically viable solutions without sacrificing speed, security or efficiency.
PowerScale is excellent news for your business, too. Combining your unique expertise with an industry-leading storage solution tailored for modern AI workloads helps you win deals and remain an invaluable resource for your enterprise customers.
PowerScale performance
With the introduction of PowerScale F910, Dell offers massive AI performance with the ultimate storage density. Improved write throughput can increase your customer’s time to AI insight by up to 127%. The new update also offers up to 2x performance-per-watt to improve storage efficiency and control data center costs and 6x greater cluster performance compared to Azure NetApp Files for greater multicloud agility and flexibility with our Dell APEX File Storage for Public Cloud portfolio.
PowerScale F910 enables your customers to:
-     Unlock GPU potential for large-scale training with support for uninterrupted model training.
-     Power AI anywhere on data everywhere, ensuring consistent on-prem and interoperability across cloud environments.
-     Guard against data poisoning and model inversion with federal-grade embedded security to safeguard their intellectual property.
-     Maximize return on AI investment by reducing datacenter footprint via greater density and efficiency.
Help your customers deploy a storage solution with massive AI performance and built-in security. Learn more about the new PowerScale F910 from the announcement blog Dell PowerScale: AI Success Starts with AI-ready Storage.

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