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The right storage solution can put Healthcare customers on the cutting-edge while growing your business

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With recent advancements in medical imaging, more stringent protection regulations, and increased demand for centralized access to patient records, it’s safe to say that today’s healthcare providers are under extreme pressure to collect, protect, and provide immediate access to medical data. 

Data touches nearly everything in the healthcare industry, including health records, medical imaging, analytical data, and more. And while the information provided can serve as a tremendous resource for heath institutions, it’s near impossible for any one individual to sit down and analyze all is information. 

How best to leverage all the many benefits of healthcare data

Solution providers can help their customers make the correct collection and interpretation of medical data which, in doing so, can lead to many immediate benefits:

Modernized IT | Healthcare data can enable more effective digital transformation for healthcare providers, one that is built around the efficiency needed for innovation to happen. 

Connected workforce | Connected workforce data provides the necessary insight to enable clinical and business staff to work anywhere, at any time, both reliably and with ease. 

Virtual health | From remote patient care to tele-ICUs and AI-assisted workflows, access to virtual health data has provided the opportunity for healthcare organizations to rethink their clinical delivery protocols and workflows.

Personalized health | Leveraging data pools to extract actionable insights can help make life changing personalized medical care decisions for patients and populations. 

Secure care | Having proper data security requirements across the multi-cloud ecosystem — from point of care to core to cloud – allows healthcare providers to both meet compliance standards while simultaneously optimizing performance.

With its patient first, data-anywhere focus, Dell Technologies is reimagining patient care delivery – where secure, modern health IT solutions help today’s solution providers enable their customers with a more connected workforce capable of providing personalized care to patients wherever they might be. And this is achieved via solutions such as Dell Technologies PowerScale.

Dell Technologies PowerScale for Healthcare

PowerScale enables your customers to drive medical and AI initiatives forward with the utmost confidence in that it is delivering reliable, cost-effective, and perhaps most-importantly, performance-driving storage at any scale. Additionally, multi-cloud connectivity affords the convenience of leveraging both on-prem and off-prem solutions.

Taking a closer look, PowerScale enables consolidation of medical imaging onto a single storage cluster. This includes radiology picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), cardiology PACS, and Vendor Neutral Archives, as well as modern digital pathology systems. 

PowerScale SmartPools features automated tiering, which enables intelligent placement of data on cost-effective storage. Additionally, with its OneFS operating system, PowerScale is super simple to manage. That’s because OneFS creates a single shared pool of storage, which eliminates multiple volumes or silos. In terms of security around clinical and research data, OneFS features data at rest encryption as well as self-encrypting drives and replication, too. 

Here are some examples of how PowerScale can be applied to modern healthcare applications:

Medical Imaging | PowerScale powered by OneFS enables edge to core to cloud performance to drive better healthcare performance. When it comes to medical imaging, PowerScale allows healthcare professionals to easily access images anytime / anywhere, achieve massive performance at any scale, consolidate healthcare data to help eliminate silos, and protect patient health information privacy.

In-Patient Remote Monitoring | Artisight’s In-Patient Remote Monitoring solutions— on a network powered by the NVIDIA Clara™ Guardian application framework and NVIDIA AI Computing Platform with Dell PowerEdge Servers and Dell EMC PowerScale for long term storage — protect patients and staff while lowering costs. Artificial intelligence, intelligent sensors, and storage hardware provide a reliable patient monitoring platform that provides ROI starting on day one.

Operating Room Efficiency | Artisight’s Operating Room Efficiency solution — built on an integrated foundation of technologies, including the NVIDIA Clara™ Guardian application framework and NVIDIA AI Computing Platform with Dell PowerEdge Servers and Dell EMC PowerScale for long term storage — helps improve operating room productivity using intelligent sensors and AI algorithms. Additionally, communication and prediction are improved to further enable operating room optimization in multiple dimensions, including time, instrument utilization, staffing and documentation. 

Learn more about how Dell’s PowerScale storage product can help enable hospitals to be on the cutting-edge of Heath IT.

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