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Driving Digital Transformation for Customers Using Modern Infrastructure Solutions

This next-gen enterprise data storage solution can help your customers achieve true digital transformation

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As we continue to navigate the modern digital era, technological breakthroughs like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, Big Data, and more, are increasingly being looked at as the necessary driving forces behind achieving rapid growth at the enterprise level. 
However, figuring out which technologies work best in varying scenarios can be a complex endeavor. This has led to solution providers being tasked with helping enterprises incorporate these technologies to work and operate more efficiently, resulting in true digital transformation. 
Help customers navigate these complexities and achieve digital transformation
To address everything that is changing in today’s market, solution providers must guide their customers to embrace a new generation of enterprise storage that not only provides the performance needed to encourage operational growth, but also deliver on security, availability, scalability, automation, protection, and efficiency. 
Fortunately, Dell Technologies delivers a continuously modern storage portfolio,  ,  offering tremendous scalability across all dimensions – performance, capacity, connectivity, devices, and top-notch data services with Powermax. And it does this with a future-proof architecture that features end-to-end, non-volatile memory express (NVMe), persistent memory, built-in machine learning, seamless cloud mobility, deep VMware integration, and other mission-critical workload integration. 
A closer look at PowerMax
PowerMax storage from Dell is based on powerful architecture, simple operation, and reliable innovation to increase your customer’s productivity while reducing their operational costs. 
The latest generation of PowerMax, powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, is part of the Continuously Modern portfolio and includes over 200 new software features and software innovations. These are designed to deliver on the promise of software-driven data innovations:
Automate IT operations
By combining adaptable software architectures with intelligence and automation, customers can boost productivity, reduce risk and be ready for what’s next. PowerMax is the industry’s first automated end-to-end NVMe/TCP deployment solution and cuts up to 44% off the time it takes to configure NVMe/TCP resources.1
Gain multi-cloud control and mobility
Cloud-ecosystem flexibility with multi-cloud enabled software allows organizations to develop innovative breakthroughs with their data, wherever it comes from and wherever it is stored – or used. With features such as reduced read/write latency2 and 2x faster performance,3 customers can take advantage of PowerMax to increase their agility.
Innovate securely
PowerMax is the world’s most secure mission-critical storage.4 Once your customers are able to rely on this level of comprehensive cyber-resiliency, they can invest with confidence in their potential for business breakthroughs. 
Also worth noting:
The latest evolution of PowerMax enables massive workload consolidation for block, file, and mainframe across both PowerMax 2500 and PowerMax 8500 models. Additionally, a simple licensing scheme helps customers accelerate productivity by unlocking critical data services.  
Safeguard high-value data
·       Industry’s most secure mission-critical storage[1]
·       Designed for Zero Trust security architectures[2]
·       Industry’s most granular cyber recovery at scale [3]
Simplify storage operations
·       Industry’s most scalable storage replication solution for the best recovery point objective (RPO) in the industry[4]
·       Up to 44% less time to configure NVMe/TCP resource[5]
·       Designed for 99.9999% data availability for a single array[6]
Stay continuously modern
·       Modern enterprise storage for physical, virtual, and containerized workloads 
·       Data-in-place node updates with Dell’s Anytime Upgrade program
·       Up to 14x more storage capacity per rack unit[7]
·       Up to 4:1 data reduction guarantee[8]
·       PowerMaxOS software updates in under 6 seconds (fully configured)[9]
Connect your customers with PowerMax
The amount of data that your customers need to deal with will not stop growing any time soon. It’s no longer acceptable to simply keep up; instead, they need to stay ahead of the curve. Learn how PowerMax can position your customers for long-term success by going to the Discovery Center. 
[1] Based on Dell internal analysis of cybersecurity capabilities of Dell PowerMax versus cybersecurity capabilities of competitive mainstream arrays supporting open systems and mainframe storage, March 2022.
[2] Based on Dell internal analysis of cybersecurity capabilities of Dell PowerMax compared to Dell’s seven pillars of Zero Trust architectures, March 2022. 
[3] Based on Dell internal analysis of cyber recovery scalability of Dell PowerMax versus cyber recovery scalability of competitive mainstream arrays, April 2022.   
[4] Based on Dell PowerMax specification of 65 million snaps per PowerMax compared with mainstream high-end storage arrays, March 2022.   
[5] Based on Dell analysis comparing NVMe/TCP resource configuration with SmartFabric Storage Software (SFSS) compared to iSCSI configuration, March 2022. Actual performance will vary. 
[6] Based on Dell’s PowerMax specification for a single PowerMax 2000, 2500, 8000, or 8500 array, March 2022. Actual data availability will vary.   
[7] Based on Dell internal analysis comparing Effective Storage Capacity per rack unit (1.34”) of the PowerMax 2500 compared with the PowerMax 2000, March 2022. Actual storage capacities will vary. 
[8] Based on Dell ‘s Future-Proof program that offers 4:1 data reduction guarantee based on PowerMax data reduction tools (dedupe and data compression) for open systems storage, March 2022. Actual data reduction rates will vary.
[9]*Based on Dell internal analysis measuring the time used to upgrade PowerMaxOS software without disruption (PowerMax 2500/8500), March 2022.
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