Every customer organization today is being forced to rethink how they engage with customers, employees, partners, and vendors. They realize that to keep pace with competitors they must digitally transform their enterprises. Simply put, this requires them to modernize their IT infrastructures – and the sooner the better.
Digital transformation enables organizations to see a myriad of business benefits right from get-go. First, it saves time and money by replacing aging infrastructure that has become time consuming and costly to manage. And since new technology provides faster, more flexible and more future-proof solutions, a tech refresh can significantly increase productivity while simultaneously reducing spending.
According to IDC, by 2030 digital transformation spending will grow to over 50 percent of all information technology and communications investment. Why is this? With newer more modern storage solutions organizations can make the most of cloud-native app development and as-a Service and consumption-based delivery models. Furthermore, today’s more modern server solutions empower organizations with the agility and flexibility needed to help them thrive. Keeping servers up to date offers IT staff and the business itself the ability to turn ideas into innovation at today’s increasingly rapid pace of doing business.
A Tech Refresh Program to Drive Infrastructure Modernization
The Dell Technologies storage portfolio fuels collaboration and modern app development. When combined with Dell Technologies Cloud, powered by VMware, organizations can boost collaboration between developers and IT operations for greater DevOps. Accelerate transformation anywhere with Dell servers powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. The new PowerEdge server portfolio accelerates AI-driven innovation, automation, and zero-trust adoption for enterprises of all shapes and sizes.
There is unprecedented opportunity to grow your storage and server business. You can
increase customer loyalty by proposing the best-in-class modernization to match all your customers’ needs. In the process you can better manage your asset lifecycle and provide feedback on their future. By doing so you can lock out your competition while protecting and growing your share of market.
Discover the resources you need to activate your Tech Refresh program and help your customers digitally transform so that they can stay ahead of their competition and grow their business by visiting here.

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