Dell Technologies recently announced PowerStore Prime as the smarter choice for all-flash storage. PowerStore Prime combines cutting-edge technology with strategic advantages, delivered in collaboration with the expertise and solution capabilities of the Dell partner ecosystem.
At the core of PowerStore Prime lies PowerStore 4.0, the latest evolution in Dell's flagship enterprise storage. This new release delivers more performance, efficiency resiliency, and multicloud including:
·      The industry’s most flexible QLC with single-drive scale-up and mix/match scale-out
·      A 20% boost in data reduction, reducing power, cooling, and acquisition costs
·      New sync replication for block/file and broader OS support for native metro
·      Backup, restore, and data migration to any public cloud for a seamless multicloud strategy
·      AI-Assisted Operations for streamlined operations and proactive maintenance
PowerStore Prime goes beyond a simple product launch with various programmatic benefits, including:
·      The industry’s best 5:1 Data Reduction Guarantee with no preassessment or program fees and up to 5-years of coverage
·      APEX Subscriptions for customers to pay for only what they use on a monthly basis
·      Lifecycle Extension with ProSupport for investment protection and world-class support
And finally, PowerStore Prime builds on Dell’s Partner First strategy to give partners a competitive edge in the marketplace, enabling them to meet any storage need with value-added solutions that truly delight customers.  Highlights include:
·      New competitively priced Data Protection Bundles that take advantage of PowerStore’s native integration with PowerProtect
·      The opportunity to earn Storage Partner of Record and collaborate with Dell on any storage resale opportunity they uncover for that customer
·      Storage acquisition incentives for selling to whitespace targets or competitive displacement
Through new tools and programs, partners can drive sales to new heights, streamline processes and deliver value-added solutions that surpass customer expectations.
In today's fast-paced digital landscape, businesses demand storage solutions that meet their current requirements and adapt to innovation. With PowerStore Prime, partners have a clear choice to deliver customers a highly competitive all-flash storage solution that unites world-class technology with strategic advantages and the expertise of Dell’s partner ecosystem.
Discover the future of storage by learning how the power of PowerStore Prime can unlock new possibilities for your business by visiting here.

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