Dell Technologies newest PowerStore release is nothing short of a game-changer for enterprises doing business in the digital transformation age. Dell EMC’s next generation, modern storage appliance has recently been enhanced significantly. These enhancements are accelerating enterprise adoption through the addition of a slew of powerful performance, scale and resiliency features, while simultaneously providing an affordable new entry point. 

This new release has been designed purposely to inspire customers to prepare for what’s next in the digital economy. There are two driving factors that are accelerating PowerStore adoption in customer enterprises. First is the high-impact software update that now delivers additional enterprise capabilities and intelligence. Next, and not least, is the introduction of a new cost-effective entry model that makes the platform more accessible to a broader range of customers and solution categories. 

Genuine appeal for customers

PowerStore was the first new product brought to market from Dell Technologies following the Dell acquisition of EMC. As such, it looked to incorporate the very best features from across all the current Dell EMC product lines. The result is a platform that delivers reliability, simplicity and profitability. What is most compelling is the release introduces the PowerStore 500T, which is an exciting new model at a very affordable price. 

The reality is customer adoption of PowerStore is growing exponentially. Dell Technologies has already shipped over 450 petabytes of PowerStore storage to customers across numerous industries in more than 60 countries. Furthermore, approximately 20% of PowerStore customers are new to Dell Technologies storage solutions, as the company has tripled its number of wins against key competitors quarter-over-quarter.

A conversation starter for partners

The PowerStore is a proven market leader with exceptional brand awareness. It delivers significant performance advantages over every competitor’s platform in every category. With PowerStore, marketing, selling and upgrade opportunities are plentiful for Dell Technologies partners. For instance, partners can seize immediate sales opportunities where customers are deploying IoT devices. With PowerStore’s unique infrastructure it becomes an ideal solution for any edge computing application due to its ease of deployment, flexible architecture, ability to support multiple data types, and advanced replication to core data centers.

Stay tuned for more in a future blog post on specific techniques that partners can use to jump start the PowerStore discussion.   

In the meantime, learn more about how you can put PowerStore to work for your customers and your business here

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