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Why it is critically important to refresh to a modern infrastructure

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The ever-increasing adoption and subsequent integration of all things digital is putting immense pressure on IT teams in enterprises of all shapes and sizes. And considering the absence of in-house IT skills and shrinking budgets for technology, it is becoming incumbent on the infrastructure itself to become “smarter” to meet these increased demands. This simply means that storage infrastructure must transform itself from its traditional enterprise-level capabilities to a level where it can function with new capabilities that offer automation, intelligence and adaptability of cloud and edge applications. 
Not only do modern storage systems need to become smarter, but they also need to be easier to manage and operate. Enterprises that want to remain agile require automated data placement, reliable data migration, and simpler integration of storage into existing environments. Thus, the need to have a programmable infrastructure becomes more important than ever.
A modern infrastructure refresh for customers made easy and affordable
Solution Providers know all too well the importance of refreshing technology when it becomes outdated. With infrastructure today however, it is not just important – it’s mission critical. And in response to this, Dell Technologies has purpose-built intelligent storage solutions that address the full scope of these needs.     
PowerStore is Dell Technologies’ revolutionary storage appliance that is designed for the data era. It provides your customers with a data-centric, intelligent, and adaptable infrastructure solution. Since its initial launch the platform has been evolved to generate even greater appeal across a broader market. The new release drives enterprise adoption via a powerful software update that brings increased performance, scale, and resilience to every model in the portfolio.
Dell EMC Unity XT All-Flash and Hybrid Flash arrays set new standards for storage to meet the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large or small companies. Designed for performance, optimized for efficiency, and built for hybrid cloud environments, these systems are the perfect fit for supporting demanding virtualized applications, deploying unified storage, and addressing Remote-Office-Branch-Office requirements.
The midrange storage market is estimated to be worth over $18 billion. Dell Technologies recognizes this and as such, stands ready to work with you to help your customers refresh to a modern infrastructure. 
Find out more about how you can get started on refreshing your customers’ to a modern infrastructure here.
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