A new blog post from Dell Technologies points to some exciting developments as we speed through the second half of the year. Cheryl Cook, Senior Vice President, Global Partner Marketing, notes that, as we transition back to a kind of pre-pandemic normality, Dell and its partners are setting their sights on a few key trends. 
What’s on our minds these days? It likely won’t come as much of a surprise that Generative AI (GenAI) is at the forefront. This emerging technology is moving faster than many imagined, changing how we think, learn, communicate and conduct business. 
Cook points to Project Helix as a sign of Dell’s commitment to helping partners and customers leverage GenAI to grow their businesses. Developed in partnership with NVIDIA, Project Helix is a new secure, on-prem Generative AI full-stack solution announced at this year’s Dell Technologies World. 
The tested combination of hardware and software combined with recently expanded GenAI offerings and Dell Validated designs offers partners a compelling solution they can offer their customers. Project Helix enables organiations to quickly deploy customized AI apps able to drive trusted decisions derived from data. 
Dell has also introduced a new platform called Dell NativeEdge. It aims to help your customers simplify, secure and automate edge infrastructure and application deployment. Cook comments that it’s the perfect platform to match with partners’ vertical expertise. 
The blog post, which you can read here in full, covers a lot of ground. Other highlights include Multicloud and as-a-Service, partner ecosystems, ESG and sustainability, and the future of Work by Design. 
The post ends with Cook describing an immense feeling of optimism for the Dell Technologies partner community. She concludes, “It’s an exciting time as we witness rapid advancements of AI and transformative trends shaping the future. We all need to understand the potential impact of these technology trends and leverage them to help our customers drive innovation and growth.”
To learn how Dell can help you leverage these new technologies so you can thrive and grow now—and in the new year—visit the Dell Partner Portal today.

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