Dell Technologies has released the Innovation Index, a global benchmark assessing organizations’ innovation maturity worldwide. This powerful research study provides a point-in-time snapshot of how businesses are innovating during a time of unprecedented uncertainty. 
The Innovation Index asks critical questions like what makes innovation possible, how can we measure its success, and how can businesses innovate throughout turbulent times? Answering these questions is no easy feat, but it’s worth the effort. Unlocking the power of resilient, focused, scalable and cultural innovation is the key to driving growth and protecting companies from challenges like global recession and supply chain issues. 
How do you measure innovation?
To create the Innovation Index, Dell commissioned independent market research specialist Vanson Bourne to poll 6,600 respondents across more than 45 countries. Each respondent was identified as someone charged with shaping or influencing innovation in their organization. 
These IT and business decision-makers from multiple industries were asked to gauge the innovation resilience of their organizations and assess how their businesses would react to periods of volatility. Would they still be able to deliver results when the company needed to most? 
The results were eye-opening. The Innovation Index revealed that businesses are losing talent by not empowering people to innovate and grow. In fact, nearly 6 in 10 respondents said they believe people leave their companies because they lack the freedom and facility to innovate. 
Furthermore, 57% of respondents reported that their organizations’ lack of innovation could lead to the company’s irrelevance in the next three to five years. Dell Technologies believes insights like these are the bedrock of the Innovation Index. They illustrate precisely why innovation should be the beating heart of every organization. 
Assessing innovation
Now is the time for organizations to assess how their people, processes and technology are leading to innovation. Business leaders can start by asking some tough questions, including:
-     Are we building a culture of innovation where any idea can make a difference and learning through failure is encouraged?
-     Can we create a data-driven innovation process to encourage and benefit from innovation across our organization?
-     Can we conquer complexity by investing in modern, scalable technology and strengthening the relationship between business and IT?
The Innovation Index provides a clear path to more impactful innovation and, ultimately, business resilience and profitability. It reminds us that innovation isn’t a side project; it’s the essence of a successful organization. Taking a moment to explore the Innovation Index can offer a fresh perspective, reveal new ways to provide your customers with high-level service and help grow your own business, too.
Are you ready to create a path to innovation excellence? Start today by visiting the Dell Partner Portal to learn how you and your customers can accelerate from ideas to innovation.
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