By encouraging your customers to refresh their client devices with artificial intelligence-enabled (AI) solutions, you’re helping them invest in increased efficiency, productivity, security and improved employee satisfaction.
GenAI has quickly become a must-have technology for modern organizations that want to foster innovation and stay ahead of the competition. It’s a transformative technology that can reshape jobs by automating tasks, streamlining innovation and aiding in problem-solving.
Helping your customers manage their device refresh is good for your business, too. You can create new revenue streams and improve customer experience through the sale of client solutions, peripherals and services.
The AI Advantage
AI-enabled client devices can provide a myriad of ongoing benefits for your customers, including:
•   PCs and workstations that are more intelligent, self-aware and user-aware.
•   Centralized AI assistance with Copilot in Windows*, which uses AI to help perform tasks and create content.
•   Personalized PC Performance from Dell Optimizer, built-in AI software that learns and responds to how users work.
•   Bolstered security with built-in features from Dell, Intel and Windows that safeguard your customer’s business and personal data.
•   Improved communication and collaboration with AI-driven conferencing; both from built-in PC features as well as higher-quality and intelligent headsets and cameras.
The Power of as-a-service
With Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service offering, you can help your customers refresh their devices while maintaining budget predictability and eliminating upfront costs. In other words, they can stay current with the latest technology without straining their financial resources. It also means they can maintain a modern end-user experience, selecting from a broad portfolio of high-performing technology.
Adopting Dell APEX PC-as-a-Service helps increase IT efficiency and lower costs by enabling your customers to access simple and seamless centralized management capabilities for monitoring and updating. And because no upfront investment is required, your customers’ device fleets will remain scalable as they make predictable payments over time.
In addition, this offering supports responsible procurement and retirement of end-of-life devices to reduce e-waste, making it a sustainable choice.
Help your customers get the AI advantage now by showing them how easily and efficiently they can upgrade their client devices. To get started, visit the Dell Technologies Partner Portal for more information and access to free partner resources.
* Timing of feature delivery and availability varies by market and device. Screen simulated, subject to change. Use Copilot with a Microsoft Account or use Copilot with commercial data protection at no additional cost by signing into a work or school account (Microsoft Entra ID) with Microsoft 365 E3, E5, F3, A3 or A5 for faculty, Business Premium, and Business Standard. Coming to more Entra ID users over

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