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Today, more than ever, organizations are leaning in even further and adopting modern solutions and services that give them the ability to see around corners and be ready for whatever comes next. 

Unfortunately, for the solution provider, doing on-site visits to demonstrate how Dell’s product portfolio can support their customers’ needs has been difficult over the last few years. To address this issue, Dell has launched a new, interactive showcase featuring the company’s next wave of technology and solutions that are available to help achieve digital transformation. 

The “Dell Technologies Experience” serves as a modern platform for digitally demonstrating the company’s latest products and solutions that are being launched to facilitate innovation for your customers and your business. 

For the solution provider, the benefits of employing this platform, to demonstrate how a new technology or solution from Dell could work for a customer, are multi-faceted: 

·       Dell Technologies Experience allows the customer to enjoy instantaneous engagement

·       You can engage with prospects on the spot, without having to wait for products to arrive 

·       Share in-depth product information with full 360-degree perspective, videos, and technical specifications

·       Reduce cost and environmental impact of unnecessary shipping

Among the areas of focus that are already live on the site:

·       Home

·       Office

·       Café

·       Creator

·       Education

·       Retail

·       Sustainability

When you enter each virtual tour, you can interact with the scene to call up products and solutions that Dell has developed to make this new age of work a seamless and more secure experience. 

Among the featured products presently available on the “Digital Technologies Experience”:

·       Latitude Laptops with Intelligent Privacy and ExpressConnect

·       Workspace Flexibility

·       Latitude Mobile Performance

·       OptiPlex Desktops

·       Precision 3000 Series Workstations

·       UltraSharp 32 4K Video Conferencing Monitor

Innovation never stops, and the Dell Technologies Experience makes it easy for you to present the power of Dell’s portfolio in real world situations, helping your customers understand how these new digital technology solutions, products, and services will help drive their business success.

Check it out for yourself: Dell Technologies Experience.



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