Dell Technologies understands that it has limitless possibilities when it applies its scale, portfolio, and partnerships to solve complex, societal challenges – and that the company’s success in this regard can come to benefit global civilization at large. 

This commitment to using technology and reach to fully realize human potential is the foundation upon which Dell's “Progress Made Real” campaign has been established — a social impact plan that was created with the goal of creating a positive and lasting impact on humankind and the planet by 2030 and beyond.

There are four pillars to “Progress Made Real”: Advancing Sustainability, Cultivating Inclusion, Transforming Lives, and Upholding Ethics and Privacy. This blog series will focus on each one of these pillars. 

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Part 3: Transforming Lives

Dell Technologies believes that as a global technology provider and corporate citizen, it has a responsibility to leverage its access to innovative thinking to solve today’s complex, societal challenges. The company sees firsthand how access and inclusion will allow people everywhere to become part of the digital era. Looking ahead, the economy of 2030 will be built on the technical innovation of today – and everyone should have access to fully participate.

At a strategic level – that is, beyond the work the company does with nonprofits to further positive impacts throughout local communities – Dell is working to establish partnerships with global nonprofit organizations and NGO’s that can  derive the most benefit from the company’s innovation and global reach. To this end, Dell will use the same cutting-edge innovation and technology that it delivers to customers and apply it as part of the company’s strategic giving to drive healthcare, education and economic impact that ultimately transforms lives for the better. To achieve this, Dell will draw from the company’s six core technology strategies, including Edge Computing, 5G Networks, Data Management, Hybrid Cloud, and AI/ML and Security. 

Transforming Lives Moonshot Goal

With their technology and scale, Dell Technologies will advance health, education and economic opportunity initiatives to deliver enduring results for 1 billion people by 2030.

Additional Transforming Lives Goals

Each year through 2030, Dell will work to achieve the following: 

50% of the people empowered by the company’s social and education initiatives will be those who identify as girls, women, or underrepresented groups

Dell will use its expertise and technology to help 1,000 nonprofit partners digitally transform to better serve their communities

75% of Dell’s employees will participate in giving or volunteerism in their communities

Learn more about Dell’s efforts with Transforming Lives.

Next up is part 4 of this series: Upholding Ethics and Privacy. 

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