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Part 2: Breakthrough Security—Help your customers fortify their security strategy with modern solutions

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With the sheer volume and velocity of data being produced, processed, and stored, security challenges are increasing exponentially. Protecting your customers’ data and systems in an optimally effective and efficient way is a key business priority. 

Learn how you can help your customers protect their data, applications, and systems, and enhance cyber resiliency in a simplified, scalable, and intelligent way.

No rest for the weary

Cyberattacks don’t necessarily operate on a normal schedule. As such, today’s enterprises cannot afford to switch off for a second because their operations, reputation, and finances are at risk. (The average cost of a malware attack on a company comes in at $2.6 million!) 

Additionally, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated – and more creative. IT teams must deal with challenges on ransomware, cryptojacking, control-flow hijacking, and corruption of supply chains, across a greater attack surface than ever. Traditional cloud, data center and software security layers are no longer enough to fully protect your enterprise from endpoint attacks.

How can you help your customers fortify their cybersecurity strategy?

You can help your customers fortify their cybersecurity strategy by focusing on the following key tenets:

Protecting data and systems 

Maintaining the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your customers’ data requires modern solutions and strategies to protect vital information and systems – whether they’re at the edge, mobile, in the core, cloud, or multi-cloud. 

Together with Dell Technologies, you will have the technology and support to combat threats and protect your customers’ data and technology with solutions that embed security features across hardware, applications, services, and processes. 

Protect data and systems by giving your customers the advanced tools they need to effectively identify authorized users – and detect, respond to, and recover from cyber threats – all from a single provider: 

·       Dell Trusted Devices 

·       Dell PowerProtect*

·       Dell APEX Backup Services

·       Dell Technologies Cyber Resilient Architecture

·       Dell Supply Chain Security

·       Dell Technologies Safeguard and Response

·       Dell Technologies Managed Detection and Response

Overcome security complexity 

Multicloud and hybrid working environments are further complicating security concerns. Dell Technologies understands the data protection complexities of a constantly evolving IT landscape, making it easier for you to help customers of all sizes protect their data across hybrid multicloudand edge locations. 

Combine your own expertise with Dell’s wide range of intelligent security applications and intrinsic hardware and firmware-based features to help your customers confidently scale in the face of increasing security complexity.

Check out some of the technologies that can help your customers scale confidently and overcome security complexity with intelligent security applications and flexible as-a-Service consumption for their data protection technology: 

·       Dell Technologies Safeguard and Response

·       Dell iDRAC, Dell PowerProtect Backup Service

·       Dell Technologies Business Resiliency Services

·       Dell Technologies ProConsult Advisory Services

·       Dell Technologies Education Services for Cybersecurity

·       Dell APEX Flex on Demand

·       Dell Technologies Data Center Utility

·       Dell Technologies Managed Detection and Response**

Implementing a Zero Trust strategy

Every one of your customers’ IT environments is unique from the other one. Despite this, one thing they all have in common is the need for security across devices, data stores, and users. This is especially prevalent today, as the rapid shifts of the last few years to a more distributed workforce have increased the need to scrutinize security from every angle. 

Here, Zero Trust architecture makes sense for a lot of enterprises. Zero Trust reimagines security. Zero Trust is an IT security model that is based on the notion that no interaction should be trusted and therefore every interaction should be verified. This authenticate-every-step model can be applied across your customers’ network, IT infrastructure, software and microservices.

Even if your customers are not ready for a full-fledged Zero Trust architecture, you can start enhancing their security today with systems from Dell Technologies and VMWare that raise risk awareness, protect data, and increase your ability to enforce policies that make good business sense. With more than 20 years of security expertise, VMware and Dell Trusted Devices address IT security from top to bottom, with a portfolio of solutions including VMware Carbon Black Cloud and VMware Workspace ONE. 

Additional examples:

Security Concern: Data Safety

Available Solutions: 

·       Dell SafeData 

·       Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

·       VMWare Carbon Black Cloud 

·       VMware Workspace ONE UEM (Unified Endpoint Management) 

·       VMware Horizon 7 

·       VMware NSX-T Data Center

Security Concern: Operations

Available Solutions: 

·       VMware Carbon Black Cloud 

·       VMware Carbon Black Workloads 

·       vRealize Operations Manager 

·       VMware Site Recovery

Security Concern: Applications and Workload

Available Solutions: 

·       VMware Horizon 7 

·       VMware Carbon Black Workloads 

·       VMware Workspace ONE UEM 

·       VMware Workspace ONE Access

Knowledge is cybersecurity power. Learn more about Dell’s IT and Cyber Security Solutions | Dell USA here.

This is the second in a three-part series on breakthrough security:

Part 1: Breakthrough Security—How your customers can enhance their cyber resiliency

Part 3: Breakthrough Security— Implementing a security strategy that works for you and your customer

* Earn 3x revenue accelerator on Dell Data Protection Solutions toward Program Year Tier revenue requirements. Solution Providers

** Earn 5x revenue accelerator on Managed Detection and Response toward Program Year Tier revenue requirements. 

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