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Important Trends, Perspectives and Analysis for Solution Providers and Integrators

Part 2: Help customers in various industries to be able to act on intelligence everywhere

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This part two of the three-part series addresses how partners can put edge computing technologies to work for their retail customers

To accelerate intelligent retail, customers must first simplify their edge

As retailers are under increasing pressure from changing market trends and customer expectations, they are investing more in edge computing. While this is encouraging news for solution providers, it also brings with it some serious challenges. The most notable of these is that the avalanche of edge applications and the fragmentation across application silos is adding unnecessary complexity with technical debt coming from both applications and infrastructure. This, in turn, is hindering innovation. This sprawl limits retailers from modernizing their stores due to the bottlenecks in management, and the lack of communication between applications impedes retailers’ ability to adopt AI/ML at the edge to act on intelligence. Until they solve these challenges, true retail transformation will remain a distant goal.

Partners now can leverage end-to-end proven technologies to build the intelligent store 

The Dell Validated Design for Retail Edge with VMware is a combined solution architecture, built with VMware Edge Compute Stack and Dell hyperconverged platforms. This retail edge solution spans the entire lineup from the fully curated experience of Dell VxRail to the customer-managed VMware vSAN Ready Node built on Dell PowerEdge Servers. The Dell portfolio of servers includes several options that are short-depth, ruggedized, or tower-based. This solution delivers a cost-effective, simplified, and flexible architecture that ensures faster deployment of new IT services for customers in the retail industry.

Leverage modern security at the edge for your customers

The edge also brings an increased attack surface for hackers. In addition to Dell’s growing ecosystem of security partners, the company offers unique features to verify supply chain integrity, ensuring the right products arrive at your customer’s store untampered with. By packaging and pre-validating this edge solution, Dell simplifies the path to intelligent retail by empowering retail enterprises to consolidate, operate, and optimize their edge applications.

Smart partners are choosing Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies believes in serving you with the proven, validated solutions designed to provide your customers with the digital transformation roadmap for their retail future. Dell’s solutions portfolio and retail expertise can help you reduce the risk, cost, and complexity of designing and deploying new applications by leveraging comprehensive solutions that are aligned to your customers’ specific business requirements. Dell Technologies can help you guide your retail customers through their digital transformation journey by providing you with the right edge solutions equipped to deliver significant improvements in efficiency and enable them to act on intelligence everywhere.

Learn more about how you can get involved by visiting here.

Stay tuned for part three of this series where we focus on how edge computing helps customers in the energy industry.

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