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Part 2: Reselling APEX Backup Services generates revenue and satisfies customer expectations

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In a recent blog I described a solution that empowered Partners with the ability to deliver unified workload protection through a hosted data protection platform to their customers. In part 2 of this series, I will cover ‘how’ and ‘why’ reselling APEX Backup Services is a win-win value proposition for Partners and their customers.

Let’s face it – we all know that protecting a customer’s data is paramount, but the fact is it's becoming more and more complex every day. Traditional data protection requires customers to build out and manage physical infrastructure, which takes up time, money, and numerous other organizational resources. Updates and refreshes are time-consuming and costly. Furthermore, with perpetually growing data needs, storage capacity is increasingly becoming harder to anticipate and manage.

It has become crucial that customers protect their backup data for SaaS applications and hybrid workloads. Combine this with an increasing remote workforce with multiple endpoints, and data protection becomes a moving target. Further adding to this complexity are ransomware attacks. These attacks are not only becoming more frequent, but sophisticated and costly, as they target not just primary data, but backup data as well. The result is usually serious downtime, and in some cases, permanent data loss.

Why APEX Backup Services is the perfect solution for both Partners and customers

APEX Backup Services is a SaaS data protection solution that ensures predictable and controllable costs - all without increasing complexity. It deploys in minutes and provides unlimited on-demand scaling to ensure that growing data volumes are always protected. A simple to use web-based experience provides centralized visibility and management across workloads and users that ensures that your customer’s data is always protected.

APEX Backup Services leverages cloud infrastructure to deliver the resiliency and speed your customers need to meet business SLAs with a low TCO. With your trusted guidance and expertise customers can choose the workloads they want to protect, whether these are SaaS applications, endpoints, or hybrid workloads. Best yet, Dell maintains the solution.

APEX Backup Services provides simplicity, agility and control for Partners and customers  

APEX Backup Services provide a trifecta of powerful benefits. They are:

Simplicity: First and foremost, there is no infrastructure to manage. The customer doesn’t have to be concerned with configuring the hardware, power, and cooling. A centralized and intuitive web console provides complete visibility and management across all the customer’s SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid workloads. And because it is a SaaS-based solution, the customer will never have to worry about the downtime required to perform updates. With APEX Backup Services, updates are automatically released every 2 weeks without impact to production environments, ensuring the customer is always on the latest version.

Agility: APEX Backup Services is fast and easy to set up. So much so that Partners can help customers have a backup policy ready to go within minutes. Compared to other solutions in the marketplace that are on-premises, this takes a fraction of the time. Unlimited, on-demand scaling ensures that growing data volumes are always protected. And customers will be alerted to unusual and harmful backup activity through machine- learned algorithms so that they can take immediate action.

Control: Security is ironclad as it provides end-to-end protection that includes backup, disaster recovery and long-term retention. The solution enables comprehensive data protection across common SaaS apps like Microsoft 365, SFDC, Google Workspace, along with all mobile endpoints, as well as hybrid workloads with data residing in file servers, VMs, and databases. With curated backups and bulk recovery customers can rest assured that they are recovering data across all users and workloads, and in the fastest possible way.

Reselling APEX Backup Services helps Partners generate recurring revenue and satisfy customer needs

There is a myriad of reasons why Partners should consider APEX Backup Services when evaluating hosted data backup solutions for their customers. In addition to creating a recurring revenue stream with excellent renewal potential, Partners can realize the following benefits: 

·       Customers experience immediate satisfaction as a POC can be set up within days of a request

·       Once an order is in, it takes minutes to set up a tenant and have a backup policy in place

·       Multi-year discounts are available for qualified customers

·       Since the solution is 100% SaaS based there are no supply chain delays waiting for hardware

·       Incremental opportunities to expand from data protection sales 

But don’t take my word for it. You owe it to yourself and your customers to check it out further and learn more about APEX Backup Services

For more information, check out these resources:

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