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Important Trends, Perspectives and Analysis for Solution Providers and Integrators

Part 3: Helping customers understand how to build breakthrough value

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Calculating whether your customers want to or otherwise should update their IT should not be part of a solution provider’s gameplan. There are simply too many solutions being introduced to market, too quickly, and enterprises that don’t adapt quickly will find themselves at a distance from their competition. 

Key considerations to help your customers build breakthrough value 

The following are key considerations you should present to customers to help them understand the promise of emerging technologies in the modern, data-anywhere business model. 

Embrace the Future of Work: The future of work will see enterprises put its employees at the center of their work. After all, this is how many leading organizations are not only attracting but also retaining today’s best talent. So, what do your customers need to do?

Accelerate hybrid work solutions

Put in place better protection for distributed data and services

Enable intelligent UX

Innovate with Data: Whether you want to attain or retain a leadership position in your industry, data—boundless and decentralized—will be key to your success. What do your customers need to do?

Optimize data at the edge

Turn data into actionable intelligence

Act on intelligence

Multi-Cloud on Your Terms: Wherever your data and workloads reside, deploy a simplified cloud experience that’s fit for your organization. What do your customers need to do?

Unify multi-cloud

Drive autonomous operations

Embrace as-a-service solutions

Fortify with Modern Security: Safeguarding technology’s role in in the growth of your enterprise will only your customers better plan, prepare, and protect against future attacks, thereby allowing them to build their next breakthrough with confidence. What do your customers need to do?

Put in place better protection for data and systems

Enhance cyber resiliency 

Overcome security complexity

Harness the power of Dell Technologies

With its portfolio of end-to-end intelligent solutions, Dell Technologies makes it easy for you to not only present these key considerations to your customers, but also the technologies that can help them realize greater efficiencies and better business outcomes for a truly competitive breakthrough.

In the concluding part 4 blog post of this series, we'll look at conversations that you can have with your customers on these action items to help build the breakthrough value needed to adapt and grow their business.

Learn more about end-to-end technology solutions and digital transformation accelerators.

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