Times have rapidly evolved in recent years, which has forced enterprises the world over to innovate faster than originally planned. Businesses that scheduled to roll out or otherwise integrate technologies over the next few years have found themselves in sudden need of modern computing solutions such as cloud storage, autonomous operations, cybersecurity, and more. 

Automation is an area of enterprise computing solutions that many end users have become increasingly aware of in the last few years, as it allows businesses to more efficiently address modern digital business needed. 

One program that squarely addresses these challenges is CloudIQ by Dell Technologies. CloudIQ affords the modern solution provider the chance to deliver a solution that provides autonomous operations which maximizes IT infrastructure efficiency and security for a customer’s operating infrastructure.

CloudIQ: (More) Intelligent Operations

CloudIQ is a key element in Dell Technologies’ strategy to provide businesses with an autonomous operations strategy designed to maximize IT infrastructure efficiency and security. 

More specifically, CloudIQ is a cloud-based AIOps application which utilizes machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics to root out issues which could otherwise seriously impact business processes. The software brings greater insight into the existing Dell EMC infrastructure, to accelerate daily IT administration workflows and mean time to resolution.

Principled Technologies examined CloudIQ* against a key competitor and found the solution made it considerably easier to access information in five cloud-based storage management tasks: 

·       Up to 10x’s faster to predict capacity almost full

·       Up to 16x’s faster to identify high availability problems

·       Up to 42x’s faster to find reclaimable storage

Recent updates that improved the overall intelligence of CloudIQ

CloudIQ recently went through a series of updates to better cover the breadth of Dell’s infrastructure portfolio and support for Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and PowerSwitch networking. These updates empower solution providers with the ability to better focus on their customer’s higher-value activities, including security audits, developing new business apps, or otherwise responding to / supporting new business opportunities.

The updates to Cloud IQ provide customers the benefit of a single user interface (UI), source of health notifications, recommended actions, real-time reports, and AL/ML driven analytics for their entire fleet of Dell Technologies systems across all locations. What’s more, it also monitors data protection in public clouds and storage-as-a-Service as a key component of the Dell Technologies APEX Console and with APEX Data Storage Services. 

Key benefits worth noting:

Elevate IT resources: Your customers will spend more time delivering value and less time managing infrastructure by leveraging autonomous operations to augment staff capabilities and improve operational workflow.  

Operate with confidence: Customers will achieve higher service levels, improve performance, and mitigate security threats with reliable infrastructure, built-in monitoring, and adaptive solutions. 

Realize greater potential: Your customers will be able to create a more informed and responsive business operation, one that is powered by data and driven by AI to never miss an opportunity. 

A superior security solution

CloudIQ is already an integral part of both PowerStore and PowerMax, as it combines predictive analytics, anomaly detection, and machine learning with proactive policy-based security assessments, monitoring, and alerting for intelligent insights that help customers maintain the security health status of their storage environment. The solution performs ongoing cybersecurity configuration check-ins every hour, so that if an anomaly is detected, it can be quickly addressed. 

Learn how you can help mitigate cybersecurity risks by updating your customer’s IT infrastructure with CloudIQ: Grow your storage practice through an intelligent infrastructure solution built with cybersecurity at its core

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