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The recent, increased adoption of ‘work from anywhere’ culture has led to a need for companies to adapt and support their employees in new ways that help them stay product and work collaboratively, even when working a world apart. 
This has proven to be a tremendous opportunity for today’s solution providers, who can help these modern enterprises discover and utilize productivity equipment and tools that help them best adapt to this new work culture. However, it’s no small task. In today’s world of data breaches, cybersecurity failures, and more, it’s essential for companies to rely on technology systems that adequately protect their business and your consumers.  
To this end, solution providers who equip their customers with commercial PC solutions from Dell Technologies have realized tremendous customer satisfaction, especially in the last year as the company has launched many updates to its lineup to help make it possible for enterprises to work smarter and collaborate easier. 
The following are just a few of the more noteworthy announcements Dell Technologies has made in the last year. 
The OptiPlex 3090 Ultra — A ‘sustainably-designed’, zero footprint desktop built for today’s hybrid workforce
For many companies, post-pandemic working will soon transition from “remote” to “hybrid”. At a high-level, the idea behind a hybrid work schedule is to have employees come into the office only a...
Designing PCs with sustainability in mind
We all want to know that the corporations we buy from are behaving ethically and contributing to – not taking away from – a better society. In late 2019, Dell Technologies unveiled an ambitious...
Announcing a new leading-edge webcam built for today’s hybrid world
The office-centric business model has been forever changed. The new hybrid workplace is now the de-facto standard for the working world. This new hybrid world ecosystem has now become largely...
Innovate from anywhere using new mobile Precision workstations
Traditionally, workstations were large desktop or desk-side machines that kept users tethered to the workplace or educational institution. With the growing work and learn from anywhere trend, this...
Enabling your on-site and off-site teams to work together seamlessly
The pandemic has forced everyone to change the way they work and learn – both individually speaking and at the enterprise level. While some might see this as an annoyance, others see it as an...
5G technology opens the floodgates for solution providers to sell new products and services
With digital transformation accelerating at a breakneck pace, the need for reliable connectivity technology has increased exponentially. 5G technology possesses all the capabilities to make a...
How to make the shift from closing transactional PC sales to delivering transformative, value-driven solutions
Managing day-to-day PC lifecycle technologies often leaves IT departments little time to discover and engage with opportunities that could drive business transformation. This has led to an idea...
Dell’s Commercial PC solutions are designed with remote workers and IT departments in mind. The company’s latest models offer a range of options to suit the needs of all team members, with add-ons including Chrome OS, Artificial Intelligence capabilities, 10th Gen Intel vPro processors, Unified workspace, and more.
Read more about all that Dell Technologies has achieved in the Commercial PC space in the last year. 
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