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How ‘Progress Made Real’ will create a positive and lasting social impact on humankind and the planet| Part 4: Upholding Ethics and Privacy

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Dell Technologies believes that with its access to innovation and top-notch talent, coupled with its global reach, the company can put in place strategies that ultimately drive tangible, positive change throughout the world. 
This collective belief serves as the groundwork for the company’s “Progress Made Real” campaign — a social impact plan that was created with the goal of creating a positive and lasting impact on humankind and the planet by 2030 and beyond.
There are four pillars to “Progress Made Real”: Advancing Sustainability, Cultivating Inclusion, Transforming Lives, and Upholding Ethics and Privacy. This blog series focuses on each one of these pillars. 
Read Part 1 of this series, which focuses on Advancing Sustainability
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Part 4: Upholding Ethics and Privacy
In today’s environment of rapid innovation and big data--not to mention ever-evolving government regulations--business transparency is not just a nice thing to offer, it’s essential to earning and maintaining customers’ and employees’ trust of their data. 
Dell’s global privacy program, coupled with its commitment to protecting customer data and providing customers with choice as to how their data is used and stored, are a source of pride and inspiration within the company. Dell ensures its privacy commitment remains consistent with its customers' and employees' expectations that their data is, in fact, private, and if need be, defends the data from unfettered access by governments. 
The company supports these principles by leveraging its access to technology to deploy state-of-the-art tools that assist employees in applying the values of integrity and compliance as part of everyday business transactions, activities, and decisions. What’s more, the company remains active in, and is often a founding member of nonprofits and advisory organizations aimed at influencing corporate transparency and integrity.
As a result of the various programs it has in place to support this initiative, Dell Technologies is one of 2021 World’s Most Ethical Companies® named by the Ethisphere® Institute, and has received this recognition for nine years (and counting).
Upholding Ethics and Privacy Moonshot Goal
By2030, Dell will fully automate the company’s data control processes, thereby making it easier for customers to control their personal data.
Additional Ethics and Privacy Goals
Each year through 2030, 100% of the company’s employees will demonstrate their commitment to Dell’s values criteria
By 2030, 100% of the partners that Dell does business with will demonstrate the company’s commitment to its values
Learn more about Dell’s efforts with Upholding Ethics and Privacy. 
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