The world is quickly shifting to an as-a-Service economy. And for good reason, too. Companies that invest in as-a-Service solutions do so because they believe it helps their company be more agile, scalable, and proactive. 

However, with the proliferation of as-a-Service solutions, there are now more avenues of data input which can become confusing. It’s known as the “Data Paradox”, where people, technology, and processes are overwhelmed by too much data. This is due in large part to the fact that many businesses do not have effective data processes and technology to support all this incoming information.

A recently published Forrester Study confirms this*. Of the organizations surveyed:

83% struggle with barriers to capturing, analyzing, and acting on data 

66% say that data is the lifeblood of their organization

70% are gathering data faster than they can use it

63% believe as-a-Service would enable firms to be more agile

The Data Paradox: A closer look

While companies are struggling to reconcile all these conflicting data realities (data paradoxes), there are three common themes:

1. Businesses believe they are data-driven, yet many are not treating data as capital and do

not prioritize its use across the organization.

2. Businesses are gathering data faster than they can analyze and use, yet they constantly need more data than their current capabilities can provide.

3. Businesses recognize that an as-a-service model would enable them to be agile, scale and reduce complexity, but only a minority have made the transition.

How to help your customers overcome the data paradox

As a solution provider, you can help your customers not only manage the data deluge but innovate with it to discover and create new value. To achieve this, these businesses will need to rely on you to provide the right:

End-to-end technology and services to overcome data silos

Processes to seek out anomaly data and make meaningful discoveries

Skills and data-driven culture to work with real-time data to predict future outcomes

Combining these elements together will enable your customers to achieve better business outcomes, faster. Dell Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of Data Analytics Consulting services to assist you with your customers’ analytics journey, no matter what stage they may be. Dell works with customers from all industries to define their vision and roadmap, implement and integrate analytics solutions and technologies, and ensure the right resources and processes are in place to accelerate the time to value, thereby helping to maximize investments.

This, in turn, allows you to provide a more personalized customer experience, one that optimizes your customers’ business processes across the organization which, in turn, uncovers new revenue opportunities. 

Learn more about how to innovate with data with Dell Technologies.  

This concludes our three-part series. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here

*Source: A May 2021 commissioned study, “Unveiling Data Challenges Afflicting Businesses Around The World” conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dell Technologies. Base: 4,036 Director+ decision-makers responsible for data and data strategies in NA, EMEA, APJ, GC, or LATAM. Access the full report here.

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