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Part 3: Breakthrough Security— Implementing a security strategy that works for you and your customer

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The recent acceleration of digital transformation and distributed work has changed the game in cybersecurity. When most employees worked exclusively from an office, the boundaries for cybersecurity were clearer. With do-from-anywhere work, the threat surface expands to wherever a company’s employees go.

This is a universal and human problem—even the most security-minded person is still prone to slipups. The most effective strategy isn’t for IT to browbeat employees to adhere to existing, and potentially outdated protocols, but rather to make sure security posture accounts for the human factor.

The following are five of the more common reasons why people fall victim to cyberattacks: 

1.     Overconfidence in the organization’s firewalls to stop threats

2.     Not grasping the scale of the threat

3.     Hopeful they won’t be targeted

4.     Assuming the fallout can be easily resolved

5.     Ignoring the threat because they don’t know how to resolve it

A modern approach to cybersecurity is vital. Your customers’ cybersecurity strategies need to be prepared to protect their data and systems, reduce the impact of cyberattacks, and scale cybersecurity measures effectively, all while minimizing added complexity.

As a solution provider, there are multiple benefits to connecting your customers with Dell Technologies portfolio of cybersecurity solutions:

Capitalize on the appetite for securing all endpoints 

Security has never been more important. Now that most organizations are at least adopting a hybrid working model, the appetite for securing all endpoints is at an all-time high. 

Capitalize on your customers’ awareness of the ever-increasing threat of potentially costly cyberattacks by providing a simplified, scalable way to deliver end-to-end data protection. 

Demonstrate your ability as a solution provider to offer trusted solutions from a market leader and put their minds at ease with security that manages the risk of everything from ransomware and phishing to email compromise and insider threats. 

Become the go-to partner for data protection 

Harness proven and modern technology from Dell’s robust, best-in-class solutions portfolio to help your customers realize their digital transformation without compromising security. 

When you work with Dell, you can simplify how your customers choose, deploy, and manage their data protection solutions, thereby increasing data security and business agility while driving down risk and cost. 

It’s an easy sell, too. Dell Technologies is an industry leader when it comes to Data Protection Appliance and Software. The company is also recognized by Gartner as a Leader in the 2021 Data Backup Center & Recovery Solutions Magic Quadrant – a position Dell has held for 22 years. 

Realize greater margin potential by extending your offering 

Capitalize on upsell opportunities by relying on Dell’s expert solutions and services to extend your own offering. 

Reselling Data Migration Services enables you to deliver quick, predictable, and non-disruptive migrations for your customers and you can also add custom services for Cyber Recovery. With dedicated training and enablement resources designed to help you maximize every sales opportunity, and the built-in benefits and rewards of the Dell Technologies Partner Program, Dell can help you build your business while you help your customers protect theirs. 

Unlock natural cross-sell opportunities 

Whatever your starting point in discussing a customer’s security concerns, there are plenty of additional opportunities you can explore to expand the products and services you can offer — across the full breadth of the data protection and cyber recovery landscape, as well as wider end-to-end IT solutions. 

These natural cross-sell opportunities will help build your business and deepen your relationships with customers. When you promote highly relevant offerings across the entire Dell Technologies portfolio, you’ll find yourself empowered by combining Dell’s expertise with your own to meet every customer need, from edge to core to cloud – while enhancing your own revenue and earning trusted partner status. 

Demonstrate your commitment to progressive partnerships 

Partnering with Dell Technologies to fortify your customers’ businesses with modern security is a truly progressive choice. By aligning your expertise with Dell Technologies, you’re showing your customers you mean business when it comes to environmental, social, and ethical responsibility. Dell Technologies can help you securely and responsibly retire IT assets that are no longer needed, helping protect both your business and the planet.  

Knowledge is cybersecurity power. Learn more about breakthrough security by experiencing the podcast entitled ‘Bringing Security into your Culture Code’. In this episode of The Partner Connection, Cheryl Cook, SVP of Global Partner Marketing, speaks to Josh Jaffe, VP of Cybersecurity at Dell Technologies, to discuss why security is everyone's responsibility and how to mitigate the human element with modern security & a company-wide security culture.

This is the third in a three-part series on breakthrough security:

Part 1: Breakthrough Security—How your customers can enhance their cyber resiliency

Part 2: Breakthrough Security—Help your customers fortify their security strategy with modern solutions


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