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Part 3: Help customers in various industries to be able to act on intelligence everywhere

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This part three of the three-part series addresses how OEM partners can put edge computing technologies to work for energy customers

The global reinvention of the electric grid is well under way. In a worldwide effort to combat climate change, address government policies, offset rising costs, mitigate supply shortages, and meet public demand for renewable energy, the electricity industry is undergoing unprecedented disruption. The result is that power companies are shifting energy generation from centralized power plants that use oil, coal and gas to a more modern and dispersed model that leverages carbon-free resources, like wind, wave, geothermal, and solar. As a result, the electric grid is transforming from a linear, one-way power flow to a decentralized, bidirectional system that relies heavily on intelligent assets distributed at the edge. In turn, this is forcing the energy industry to rethink and redesign the entire grid infrastructure.

According to research from MarketsandMarkets, the modernization of the electric grid is a muti-billion dollar opportunity with 84 percent of energy utility companies either implementing or planning to implement edge-enabled distribution automation. Projections are that the market growth rates will remain high at 11 percent until 2025. This presents an enormous opportunity for Dell Technologies OEM Solutions partners that design and deliver solutions for the utility ecosystem, from electricity generation and transmission through to distribution and on to consumption.

Partner with Dell Technologies OEM Solutions

Dell Technologies OEM Solutions is uniquely equipped to help its partners and customers win in this market by delivering transformative solutions for the smart grid of the future. Electricity supply companies need an agile, scalable, and automated infrastructure that delivers advanced analytics at the edge, supports new applications, manages supply and demand forecasting, and boosts reliability and security. The end goal is to empower these companies to act on intelligence everywhere.

As a leader in digital transformation, Dell Technologies partners can leverage Dell’s expertise in IIoT, edge computing, 5G, virtualization, hybrid cloud, and data management. In fact, the energy market requires solutions that can be addressed by unique OEM Solutions capabilities – specifically their secure supply chain, ability to easily support last mile OEM product customizations to address unique end-customer needs, and proven engineering capabilities. Add these to their longstanding expertise in regulatory testing and certification and you have a powerhouse of a partner. Also, important to note is that dispersed and distributed assets at the edge translate into increased demand for ruggedized enterprise-grade products, extended life platforms, and enhanced security.

At Dell Technologies OEM Solutions they are committed to helping their OEM customers and partners reimagine the products they make, how they make them, and the way they monetize them.

Find out how your organization can leverage these end-to-end capabilities, portfolio and decades of global experience to design innovative solutions and accelerate time to market by visiting here.  

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