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The Top 5 Server articles on Enterprise Tech Provider in 2022

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Over the past few years Enterprise Tech Provider has clearly made a positive impression as a useful source of information and education for the solution provider community. With its five sections, four of which are dedicated to a family of technology solutions and one section focused on newsworthy information, Enterprise Tech Provider strives to help channel partners stay ahead of an ever-changing business technology marketplace.

In looking back at 2022, it is evident that our Server section has resonated particularly well with our audience. It appears that we are doing a commendable job based on the level of engagement with the Server articles that were published in 2022. So, without further ado, listed below are the five most popular Server posts as indicated by your peers’ engagement.

Your customer’s modern business demands the modern datacenter

Data is collected and used everywhere today. As enterprise IT organizations strategically plan to support this new business requirement, the edge and the cloud have become increasingly popular. 

Drive database acceleration for your customers’ business-critical applications with a powerful, four-socket server

As a solution provider, modernizing your customers’ IT infrastructure can help drive innovation and improve reliability and security. It also helps them stay competitive in their respective industry. 

Grow your server revenues as you turbocharge your customers’ data analytics

Every organization today is racing to gain more value from their data. As more and more users are creating increased amounts of data, this becomes even more challenging. This is precisely why the Dell PowerEdge R840 has been purpose built to address, and specifically overcome these challenges.

How a server refresh can deliver more intelligent collaboration and greater innovation for your customers

The digital landscape has transformed considerably in recent years. Data-driven workloads now require modernized infrastructure outfitted with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and more.

Simplify the way you manage and convert upcoming storage and server refresh opportunities

Digital transformation is a hot topic right now. This is largely due to legacy systems becoming obsolete because of increased critical workload demands. This leaves today’s enterprises with one of two options: keep their outdated technology and simply refresh their maintenance contract or refresh their technology and migrate to a more modern platform.

These are just a few of the evergreen articles that you will find in the Server section on Enterprise Tech Provider. 

We invite you to visit, explore and engage with Enterprise Tech Provider’s Server section, and grow your Server practice in the process.

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